Monday, October 24, 2016

Recommended Reading/Viewing/Doing

Happy fall, y'all! Here in Kentucky, the weather is finally getting cooler, and the leaves are beginning to change. To celebrate the (late) arrival of my favorite season, I thought I'd share with you some of my other favorites that I think you might also enjoy. Read on for a list of things that I think you might enjoy, whether it's an article or a blog or someone to follow on Instagram. I think there's something here that everyone would enjoy. Let me know if you found any faves thanks to my list!

To read:

Brain Pickings - 10 Learnings from 10 Years
Paper 'n Stitch Blog
The Edit - On Standing Up for Yourself

To drool over:

Daily Dream Decor
Gypsea Lust
These Foreign Lands

To watch:

The Following on Netflix

To follow on Instagram:

Olya Schmidt  @paintpaperstudio
National Novel Writing Month  @nanowrimo
Janine  @happyhappynester
Urban Sketchers   @urbansketchers
Kiley Bennett   @kileyinkentucky

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Planning the coming week

Ignore my no-makeup, twigged-up hair pic but check out my adorable birthday mug from a Tracie! How adorbs is this mug, right?!

To-do - clean out fridge, grocery, wash bedding, call Dad, call V, plan for the week ahead, plans with the fella
Dinner - grilled pimiento cheese + chips

To-do - school, data disaggregation meeting during planning, pumpkin carving with Kelsey, crafty projects, call Atmos Energy
Dinner - homemade nachos

To-do - school, CEPT student, WIN period, ESS, 2nd Opportunity class, grade sophomore collages, order photos, pay bills
Dinner - crockpot chili

To-do - school, dentist appointment, pay car & county property taxes, bathe Charlie, plans with the fella
Dinner - out with the fella

To-do - school, CEPT student, WIN period, ESS, 2nd Opportunity class, try on costume
Dinner - frozen pizza

To-do - school, JoAnn's stop, podcasting & videocasting in Nashville
Dinner - out with Tracie

To-do - Jackson's with Kelsey, crafty projects, evening plans with the fella
Dinner - out with the fella

Breakfasts -  instant oatmeal, cereal, nuts
Lunches - frozen meals, leftovers, mac & cheese

Friday, October 21, 2016

Tullis Wedding 2016 - Official Photo Shoot Pics

 Many thanks to Kelsey's photographers, Grace Summar and Jennie Fowler, for sharing these photo shoot gems with us. I *think* most of these are from Grace, but I don't want to miss out on giving Jennie credit in case some of them were from her collection. I haven't edited any of these photos because I wanted you to see the artistry of the photographers.

I'm in wedding photo bliss with all of the choices I have to share and potentially scrapbook. I love how they captured Jake and Kelsey's special day! Like their entire wedding ceremony, these photos are quintessentially them; I, for one, appreciate that more than just about anything.

We're still waiting on photos from a couple of the other photographers, but I just HAD to show these to you. I cannot wait to scrapbook some of my favorites!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Handmade Harvest Vintage Fest 2016 in review

A few weeks ago, I headed to Bethpage, TN with Lorie and her husband, Junior, to check out the Handmade Harvest Vintage Fest. The weather was perfect, and the setting was lovely. I even managed to buy a few things. Keep reading if you're interested in what a small festival in the South looks like at the beginning of October. :)

Lunch was a fried green tomato bacon lettuce sandwich, or a FGTBL, along with a sweet tea. And, yes, it was absolutely divine!

I was reminded how much I love simple, outdoor festivals. Even if I don't buy much, checking out the craftiness and getting inspiration is a lot of fun. Do you have a favorite festival near your hometown that you like to visit?